ESL Teaching at MTI Korea

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I’m so excited to be on my way to teach English as a Second Language at the Missionary Training Institute in Yeosu, South Korea.


Edna Patty John Marg Rhonda Ruth MTI teachersEdna, Patti, John, Marg, Ronda and Ruth

Here is our team at MTI. (left to right) Edna Gibson from N. Ireland, SIM missionary; Patti, John and Marg Crozier from Bathurst, NB, pastor and tent making missionaries in Korea teaching ESL; Ronda Johnson, retired school principal from Queensland, Australia and Ruth Rennie, also from Bethesda Church, Winnipeg.

We are learning to be one happy family living in community at MTI. We each have our own dorm room complete with a full bathroom. Each room opens up into a small sitting area and kitchenette. It’s great for us to be together to encourage each other: morning prayer and devotions, going for exercise at Mangma stadium, navigating the local supermarket for weekend meals and sharing communal meals with the living in students.
The pace has definitely picked up in the last weeks. Our program starts with English style breakfast at 7:30 am and ends at 9:30 pm. Students are learning English, attending chapel, studying missions and learning to lead devotionals and meal prayers in English. Everything in English! This is quite a challenge for the Level 1 students who are Starters in English (no previous experience in English). Sometimes the pressure is quite intense. Each teacher meets with each student once or twice a semester and it’s a time to find out how the student is doing, if there are any problems, etc.
I think the one-on-one meetings are the most challenging for me. It’s hard to get to know the students and to bring up potentially upsetting topics. Sometimes I feel helpless trying to encourage the students. It’s then that I have to ask for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom to help. In myself I don’t have all the answers.

One highlight of our class was celebrating our classmate John’s birthday.john's birthdayThank you to all who are praying for Ruth and I during our mission. We certainly appreciate you.

Prayer requests:
For students to grow closer to Jesus during their time here
For missionaries to discern their call from the Lord
For our Christian community, that we demonstrate the love of Christ to each other in every day living

MTI- Day 20


Missionary Training Institute, Yeosu-si, South Korea

Well, I’ve been at Yeosu for 20 days and this is the first update I managed to write. There is so much to share but I’ll try to condense it down.  Yes, I made it here in one piece! Ruth and I arrived at MTI on March 2nd at 11:30 pm Korea time. We were shown to our very comfortable dorm room and warm bed 🙂

We had half a week of orientation for us and testing for the students and we planned the classes. I’m teaching Class 3 (intermediate) students. I have 6 students: a pastor, an intern pastor, and four missionaries. What a great group!

Our daily schedule includes morning devotions, 3 ESL classes, a missions class, an evangelism class, one-on-one meetings and study hall. I’m certainly kept on my toes. Each of us will take a turn leading the morning devotionals and I’ve have been really blessed by the messages I’ve heard. We also have communal meals, so we have a good opportunity to get to know all the students.

Last weekend, Ruth and I went window shopping in the town of Yeosu and we really admired the women’s hanboks (traditional costumes). Some stores even carry updated hanboks that are shorter and more contemporary in style.

It was also great to visit “my old friends” from Seoul last year, aka Starbucks and Paris Baguette (a French style pastry shop). That will mean of course that I’ll have to take more laps around the track at Mangma stadium!